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Punky Junky® Creamy Gel 6.76oz Easy to Wash White

Punky Junky® is a Creamy Gel that provides maximum hold. Shape you hairstyle and give it a shiny look and hold that lasts for hours Take Punky Junky® small bottle wherever you go!
Price: $6.99

Punky Junky® CeraGel Aspecto Humedo 9.52oz

Punky Junky® Cera Gel Wet Look is the new generation in fixation. It maintains your hairdo without creating build up and keeps a wet look all day long.
Price: $7.99

Punky Junky Gel Wax FX Natural Aspecto Normal

Punky Junky® Gel Wax is the new generation in fixation. It is the only product that allows you to express fast your own style without complications. This product leaves you hair with a natural look. You can make the hairdo More Info »
Price: $7.99$5.59